July 3, 2020

Learn about all the essentials of iron and iodine

Most women suffer from nutritional deficiencies. It’s called iron deficiency anemia. Although it is known as anemia, and blood, its scientific background is the lack of blember pigmentation in the blood.

Although there are many reasons for this, the main reason for this is the shortage of iron minerals in the food.As mentioned earlier, most of the body’s iron in the body is in the bloodstream of red blood cells.

Human and some animal blood is red because of this hemoglobin pigment.From the lungs, it carries oxygen to all the cells in the body, and brings the carbon dioxide from the cells to the Lungs.

Iron also requires the use of enzymes, cholesterol metabolism, immune function and connective tissue production in energy release.

The best sources of food available to us in iron are lizard and other meat, fish, cereals, and green herbs. In this way, the iron, which is derived from liver and oily animal, is called “heme iron” and is known as iron “hay non-iron” supplied by plant sources.

Hire is absorbed by iron and slowly and slowly absorbs non-heated iron. In addition to the above food sources, many foods and canned foods have been forced into food iron. This is stated in the food packaging.

The amount of iron needed for a woman after adulthood and menstruation is 10 milligrams per day. However, the average daily requirement of iron for a woman of reproductive age or fertility is not more than 15 milligrams.

A mother who feeds on infant and pregnant babies needs more iron a day. Growing and developing requires more iron than in childhood or adolescence.

Most women in Sri Lanka suffer from iron deficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to take more iron-rich foods, in addition to iron pills or honey.It is essential for a baby to a pregnant and infant.

The main reason that women suffer from iron deficiency is the decrease in their total food intake (compared to men) and the loss of blood in the UK.

Additionally, only 10 percent absorbs iron in the diet. Some of the foods including tea, coffee, and iron included in the diet

Inhibition of absorption also contributes to this situation. The main influence of iron deficiency is on anemia, headaches, shortness of breath, weakness, laxity, tiredness, constipation, irritation of the heart, tongue, eyes and nails, and so on. An insecure worker can do a little work, exercise a little exercise, and walk a short distance. Hat falls. These iron deficiencies hamper even anesthetics when talking about school children.

Remembering is difficult. Could not recollect memory.


Iron deficiency is known by many as pale and paleu. These people are fond of eating clay, chalk, rice, and ash. Although there is no metal in the material, there is a lack of iron in the body, which makes them pleasant to eat.

Implants also include the causes of bleeding disorders, including gastritis, long-term asthma and stomach bleeding. Although the milk is nutritious, it’s a very good diet, but its iron content is low.

However, it is important to emphasize that the babies’ babies can get enough iron daily. Although the iron does not have much content, it should not discourage the provision of suckling for all children. It is a very nutritious food.

It is important to place pet piglets and honey on the home in a place where children cannot be readily accessible.

This is because the iron products can be used as a sweet food or a drink. It can cause poisoning.

About half of the body’s total iodine is found in the thyroid gland in the neck. The iodine is a major constituent of the thyroxine hormone produced by the thyroid gene.

The thyroxine hormone is essential for the body’s ability to burn body heat, reproduction and growth.

Seafood, including seafood, salt, added to iodine, is the main source of iodine’s supply.

A teaspoon of an Iodized salt salt fed properly with iodine contains 260 as many as 260 micrometres of micrograms. The same iodine is twice the daily requirement. As a result, the iodine mixed with salts has led to the loss of iodine deficiency.

If your iodine deficiency decreases, your thyroid will not be larger and you will not get “airborne”. Mitochondrial hormone deficiency causes mental and physical impairment.

The heart rate decreases. Increases body weight. It also gives rise to constipation. It may take up to 14-16 hours to sit.

Gets the growing baby during the pregnancy during a serious complication of iodine deficiencies.

It does not only obliterate the physical and mental development of the child, but also create a serious growth deficits of the horizon, called cretinism.

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