July 3, 2020

Katarolu is best medicine for Flem

Katarolu are a widely used gardening habitat. When the blue jumps are filled, a strange light comes to the garden. Although this plant is planted in gardens, the pharmacological value does not exist here. It is a real plant that produces medicines that infect many indigenous diseases.

Although the society is unaware of this, the old practitioners have said that the jar is a great drug and healing properties.

Katarolu are usually divided into two distinct categories. These two varieties are blue solitary and white frown cubes of blue. The invasions called Ayurveda include the Fabaceae, the Igariya, the Kuruwella. Clitoria ternatea this is the botanical name.

Katarolu is not a new plant. The medicine has been widely used to cure many diseases.These are some of the basic principles of Ayurveda, such as Arachid, Arachid, Ape, and an Encyclopaedia. According to the view of those in the past, it’s a very valuable medicine to eliminate bactericidal, airborne, chickenpox, and swelling in general.

According to the National Association of Psychoanalysts, Zhitos is a spirulina, or a hepatitis. It is also known that the drug is a medicinal product that protects youngsters.

It is also mentioned that it is good to get rid of the body of the body with a hormone and an indifferent body. It says that the drug can kill the wounds of the body and cleanse the wounds. This is a chain of ayurveda, which is classified as a habit.

There is little grayling, a blue or white blossom with a leafy end of a glacial sparrow. In some countries, the young shoots of these stalks are taken as currants. In Burmara, the logs of lobsters are eaten like papadam. They are very tasty and good food. Sri Lanka, India, Burmese, Thailand and other countries that come from Asia, such as Katarlolai legume. Therefore, when a plant is raised, a plant grows. Lacrosse planting soil.

For medicinal purposes, the parasitologist takes the roots of the roots, flowers, leaves, bark, and the bone.

The bacteria in the cough, asthma, and colds are very good. Dry the root of the root and mix it with some 1 to 3 grams of powdered water (powder) for 1 day and mix it with hot water. It will be healing a few fevers. And if the fumes of the dried fog are caught, the hems will heal.If the coconut is drunk, it can remove the mucus from the body.

By now it has been confirmed in research level. Mothers are a type of drug that can defy stress.The most appropriate jumps are the roots. If you drink this medicine as a first time, it will be a great medication.Lactic ulcer (endemic) is used to treat lust diseases, cynic spasms, and bacteria. Injections, insects, ticks, etc., also eliminate gases in the body.

It is the best medicine to eliminate sterility of both sexes and males. The zombie basket is also good for women’s womb diseases. Skeletal drugs are the best medicine for the body’s internal diseases as well as for the treatment of external diseases. It’s also a unique medicine to eliminate conditions like bleeding, inflammation and bleeding.

An avalanche of blood is also used as a heal to cure the larvae. Similarly, complete celestial plants can be made toothbrushes in the stomach and can be healed within a short period of time.

Shaft is also called a larynx. In the event of a severe headache, the skeletal leaves can be infused with two drops of ejaculation and lifted to the top with nostrils. And cure the stomach pains and put four waterflies in a little water and rub it together.

These white whitening blossoms are very good for people with diabetes. In wombs, drink blue jelly flowers. It’s good.

If you apply the roots of the plant to the root of the plant and rub it in the spot and apply it to white blemishes, it can get out of the middle of the stomach. The feeding system is very good. This can help you to heal gastric ulcers. You need to make the dried roots of the blue-jungle and the bark well-edible and mix it with honey and ghee. This is a valuable medicine for gastrointestinal diseases.

In the sore throat, the scabies are crushed and thrown into the throat. By using the Panchangum, the urine can be cured of urinary infections, urinary calculus, urine aspirin.

Also, the bones of the katarolu are very good for dandruff diseases. Porcine is a good pain killer. Therefore, in the teeth of the teeth, keep in mind the fact that a few pistils with pepper bones are pricked in their teeth. Your toothache will be lost.

We have seen that some people lose their bodies sweating due to various weaknesses. In such a case, the skins of lemons, like raw fries, can be eaten like a grinding wheel and eaten. Sweating is usually done.

When it comes to hurricanes, it is best to mix with rice with water and lye, mixed with rye water and lye. Skin diseases are also very good. The jar beans are mixed with powdered honey and mixed twice a day for about 5 to 10 grams per time. Drink the juice of the roots of the roots of the lime tree when it is into the body.Disease is rapidly destroyed.Yoga Rethinker is an ancient medicine recipe. According to the above, the roots, the nuts, the jars and the root are mixed with rice, helium and rice, mixed with sesame oil and healing leprosy in the sunshine.

Because of the high quality medicinal drugs found in the drug, there are many drugs available in this drug. Stenographed men and women with sterility are in the market and have a good taste in the market. Also heal the inflammation of the skin, the feces, the scalp and the scalp, the vaginal flavor is a good thing.

The Katarolu is a medicine that can cleanse your echelon. Therefore, the body’s wounds, scents, and healing properties also remain here. And the antioxidant is a medicinal ointment that can heal the air. It also contains skeletons. And you can make another body to pour on the body at the same time as inflammation, body poisoning, and other pain.

It is a good stamping of skim leaves and an inflammation, anxiety, and poisoning. This is very useful. Katarolu are not just a flower to be sacrificed, but a good drug.

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