July 3, 2020

How to make carrot oil for skin whitening?

Carrot is one of nature’s most wonderful gifts. Carrot is a vitamin A-rich vegetable, it contributes to skin health. These are just a few of the benefits of drinking a teaspoon of carrot oil.

  • Treatment for Acne

Vitamin A in carrots is a good treatment for acne. It removes toxins from the body.

  • Grows hair

Vitamin C and E, which are essential nutrients to the hair, prevent the hair from growing and also help regulate the circulation.

  • Reduces body temperature

The antioxidant properties of carrots can cure inflammations, wounds, and rashes that are caused by the body’s heat.

  • Moisturizing the skin

Skin drying occurs when potassium is low. Carrots and olive oil provide potassium, thus restoring the skin’s moisture.

  • Prevents wrinkles on the skin

Carrot oil Olive oil helps to keep skin moisturized and minimizes aging and wrinkling.

  • Delays aging.

Beta carotenoids in carrots reduce cell death and delay the aging process.

  • Reduces sunburns

Beta carotenoids in carrots cure sunburns.

There are two types of carrot oil, one for a drink and another one used as skin glowing moisturizer, this oil is made from white coconut oil.

First, let’s make the outer coating cart carrot oil

One of the biggest problems for women is the color of their skin. The face is one color, the skin color of both hands is another, the color of the legs is a separate one. We like it if the whole body is the same color.

What does it take? Not everyone can afford expensive cosmetics on the market. This is going to solve this problem. The specialty is that it is easy to apply at home.

Required Material:
  1. A well-kept glass bottle.
  2. A carrot
  3. Pure white coconut oil

Find coconut oil in watercolor, it’s available in supermarkets. It’s best if you can make white coconut oil at home. Wash the glass bottle and let it dry in an hour.

Then put clean white coconut oil in this bottle. Slice the carrot and put this into oil together. Sealed with a bottle of carrot-stained oil, keep it exposed to sunshine for 5 days. Get a glass bottle that looks good and reflects sunlight.

After 5 days you can use oil without removing carrots. Before going to bed every night, thoroughly wash your body, and take off this ointment. Use it for a while and you’ll notice the difference.

You can keep your whole body in one glowing color.

Let’s make the capsule drinking carrot oil

Required Material:
  1. 1kg of carrots
  2. 1liter of olive oil

First Wash carrots thoroughly water and moisten them. Then great it. Heat the olive oil in a fireplace on the lowest fire. add grilled carrots and heat for about an hour on low flame.

Bring to a boil and simmer for another 10 minutes. Leave this on for a while and filter it with a clean cloth.

Then put it in a glass bottle and use it. Take a teaspoon every night before bedtime.

Mothers who breastfeed pregnant women can have very high results. The results may surprise you.



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