September 21, 2020

How can honey makes wonders on your skin?

No doubt that honey is a very precious natural resource and its history flies back to years. Thanks to its antibacterial actions honey have very powerful healing properties. That’s why honey is being used as the base material for most of the beauty products in the cosmetic industry. 

When it comes to raw honey, have you ever worried about shopping the best? No more worries, go for the dark texture, cause darker the honey the more antioxidants it possesses.

Let us see how honey can help you to enhance your beauty


Here are 7 benefits of honey

1. Ideal as a daily cleanser 

If you are having a hectic schedule and no time to make a pack this is the easiest mask you can ever have. Because it is not essential to mix honey with any other ingredient and easily found in your kitchen. Raw honey itself can work on your skin as an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and meanwhile nourishes your skin. The more you use continuously the results will be best.    

  • Apply raw honey on your face in a circular motion and leave for 30 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water. Do this regularly and you will have smooth skin.

2. For a fair skin tone 

Everyone dreams to have a beautiful glowing skin. So what makes your skin look dull? That is exactly dead skin and damaged skin. Once you treat your damaged skin and remove dead skin, here your skin is glowing. So you can use honey to have fair skin as it has exfoliating properties even applying raw honey itself. And antioxidant properties of honey heal damaged skin. Despite raw honey for glowing skin, you can use various packs as below.

  • Honey, milk and egg white
  • Honey and lime
  • Honey and Tomato
  • Honey and Banana 
  • Honey and Aloe Vera  

3. To remove blackheads and tight pores 

Blackheads are popped bumps that happen when skin pores get clogged. So to get rid of blackheads you need to fight against the bacteria act in pores. Therefore honey is a deal for this.  

Honey is a viscous liquid and contains numerous amount of enzymes and fight with bacteria. Once raw honey applied on the face that conceals the skin from the surrounding and goes deep down in pores and makes pores free from dirt and oily nature. Thereby destroy bacteria in pores while moisturizing and tightening pores. You can use honey directly or can mix with lime juice in equal amount as astringent properties of lime helps to open clogged pores and honey can easily seep into pores.

4. To moisturize skin 

Honey is absolutely good for both dry and oily skin. This has a special ability to absorb moisture from its surrounding into the skin. Therefore the application of honey directly or either as a pack can help the skin to be hydrated. Not only from just surface but honey can moisturize from deep within. 

5. Makes you look young reducing wrinkles  

Being a pool of minerals and enzymes honey acts miraculously making you look young. Probiotics and all other components in the honey act together to bring an anti-aging look nourishing your skin. Though honey cannot eliminate wrinkles completely antioxidants in honey help to eliminate wrinkles to a greater extend reducing the signs of aging. So you can use honey confidently either as a pack or as a raw mask. 

6. Spot and Acne treatments 

Despite age, both teenagers and adults suffer from acne. Acne occurs well pores of the skin hindrance with dead skin¸ bacteria or oil. Since honey is a deal cleansing material due to natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, honey fight acne-causing bacteria and avoid skin swelling bacteria on your face as well as balance the PH level of the skin.

But honey cannot do a permanent treatment for acne occurs due to hormone changes. 

  • Apply pure honey and keep it for 30 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

7. To remove marks on your face 

Now you already know that honey has good healing properties as it balances the bacteria on your face.  By killing unnecessary micro and bacteria, honey sanitizes the wounds and aggressive pimple on your skin. So this stimulates the growth of tissues thereby fading the marks and scars on the face. 

You can use raw honey directly or mix with olive or coconut oil with equal quantities. Just rub the mixture on your palm so as to make your mixture a little hot. Then apply the mixture on your face and massage. This increases blood circulation too. Continuous application and massaging can result in scar-free skin. 

Facts to remember 

Honey is good for all oily, dry, and combination skins but it is better to check whether it may cause any irritation on your skin before you use it as a beauty product. Though it is all-natural, sometimes pollens may make irritations on some skins. 

Heating honey for a few seconds like 10 seconds is ok. But as honey contains numerous amount of enzymes adverse chemical changes can occur.  


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