July 3, 2020

Here is the medicine for body is smoother, and the sweat of the body will not be affected

To become body smoother and color.

Do not want to buy drugs for money.

Here comes a little village, you can find medicine, Please read.

Methods 1

  1. White Sandalwood2.     Arrowroot
  2. Cuscus
  3. Mango Shale
  4. Loksubulu

Equal to take a bath with cold water to bathe in an hour. Make medication for several days. (If you do not have any symptoms, it will be smelly or similar).

Methods 2

  1. Namal Renu
  2. Aloe Plectranthus Zeylanicus
  3. Jujube Passion Seeds
  4. Cuscus
  5. Sandalwood

Apply an aromatic and an aromatic aroma to the water. As a tropical country in the Equator, Sri Lanka is very tilted by the Sri Lankans because we feel the impact of the sun. Sweating is natural, but it’s a problem for some to swim. Because the sweat is so stenchy.

This is an unpleasant experience because those around them can not tolerate the odor of the sweat.

Women tend to have sweat for everyone without a divide. However, the reasons for the sweat of the sweat are unnatural.

Increased physical activity, constipation and menstruation can lead to stigma. When the constipation occurs, the joints in the body, and the menstrual periods in the menstruation, and the sweat of the pods. Therefore, if there is a constriction, you should frequently eat fruits such as papaya and flesh, and drink water enough to get rid of constipation.

In the days of menstruation, it is also important to consider cleanliness as compared to other days.

Deodorants are often used for deodorant for sweat odors. Deodorant coatings help to relieve the lingering odor and make the body smell fresh.

However, the smell of such odor is smuggled into the human body. You can get rid of underbrush in a very short time through naturally-forming, smooth, irritating oils.

Coating – 1

  1. Flaky powder
  2. Lot Sumbled Powder
  3. Khomba Leaves Powder
  4. Rukaththana Bark Powder
  5. Pomegranate Bark Powder

Equip and mix with water an hour before bathing.

Coating – 1

  1. Sandalwood Powder
  2. Lot Sumbled Powder
  3. Khomba Leaves Powder
  4. Rukaththana Bark Powder
  5. Sands Roots Powder
  6. Agil Powder
  7. Namal Renu
  8. Weniwalgan Powder

Equip and mix with water an hour before bathing. This deodorant can be applied daily or several days a week. You can get rid of the sweat odor completely in just a few days. These sterile cosmetics are made using 100% natural remedies. Therefore, it does not affect the human body.

If flowers are frequently consumed, the sweat of the perspiration may also be impotent. More importantly, it is more important to cultivate personal cleanliness.

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