July 3, 2020

Drink Ingini Seeds drink and get shaper body

Our ancestors used beverages made from various herbal medicinal plants that can be found in Sri Lanka in the day to day life (Ingini, Ranawara and Belimal). Our foreigners have conquered our country after consuming various beverages for tea, Coffee and milk powder, these drinks are now not being used at all.

Although tea and coffee are not very bad for the plants, they do not make the body as good as our local drinks.

What you did not know about Ingini ?

The first is to dissolve fat from gingerers.

It can be crushed like a cranky coffee and tea instead of tea in the morning. It may also be thin, and a beverage.

Ingini is a herbal drink in our country from the very early days.

Eminem, a local surgeon, can be named as the best medicine to cure his patients. With foreign invasions, we gradually got out of our culture and became familiar with the familiar foods and lifestyle. By the time we have the results. Tea and coffee are so familiar. That’s why the herbal ferry has been named.

At that time, the fruiting around the tanks tanks were naturally cleaned. This will be known in a nutshell. It’s the ultimate ability to make bonds with heavy metals, which are of special significance.

In addition, Ingini provides valuable health benefits such as purification of the body, urinary conditioning, prevention of kidney related disorders, reduction of stress, ectopic pregnancy, and a strong antioxidant.

In the past, our ancestors used embers to purify the water of the well. These seeds can absorb soot in water. There are several ways to eliminate the lack of water. Put water in a fresh jug and put some gingerbreads removed from the bamboo and vinegar and drink the water.

When the animal sewed it, the pastors knew that the poison would swallow this beast and heal the patient, if it were to nourish a yawn in the place. This valuable Hela crop has now been released to the market as a nutritious beverage. We have the ability to remove poison in our blood via this pre-drink. As a result, our body can be kept aloof.

Also, let’s reduce the toxicity of cells in our body. Before starting to treat a new disease, we can give the drug an alcoholic beverage for 7 days. That’s why … it treats the patient. This is what we are referring to as a medicine that acts as a clean substance.

Healthy Drink for Gastritis Patients

1     Vick Gotukala is a hand with the roots. Surrender

2     Aloevera, about half a bunch (clean and thirsty)

3     About half of Ingini bacon powder.

4      A little bit of salt

Swallow these leaves and aloe batches well in a blender. Now pick it up. Pre-wet with a cloth. Add a bone and a little salt and drink in the morning. Make it for a week. It will help you.

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