July 3, 2020

Best Treatments for Aluham

Aluham is described as a problem for many adults Aphids lose the luster of the face and body, resulting in discoloration and discoloration of various areas of the skin. This is a skin disease caused by a species of fungi. If you are not in the tuberculosis with the medicine from outside sclerosis, you will need treatment to clean your blood. Also, the following treatments will help to get rid of ash disease.

Pick up lime eggs for a little bit of lime Heen Arthata beans are grilled with butter, and on Ajum, bathe for about an hour. This treatment will continue to yield good results.

Binds in shard places with tar, resin, vinegar, and bake for about two hours. Make this treat for three days a week.

Wash off the powder and wash it in some places for as little as possible. The acne pale scars are good for everything. Carob sprinkle with scrambled ash and mix with oil, and boil for an hour.

Take mango bark, Aralu, Savandara Mul, Lotusubulu, Gambling Sandalwood and sprinkle it all in an hour before taking a dip in the water. Continuing this treatment helps to relieve body odor and also helps with new skin problems.

Take a pinch of salt and sulfur and rub it on the baking paste and knead for a while. Adoption of these types of hand remedies can help to repair new problems.

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